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GF Passion - Coconut & Passion
The ultimate exotic sensation!
A moist coconut sponge layered with a passion curd a hint of raspberry jam and topped with a Coconut bavarois finished with a passion seed glaze…
The raffaelo bonbon inspired cake!
Crispy white chocolate base with a vanilla and white chocolate ganache mousse with 2 layers of coconut sponge finished with roasted coconut…
Rocher - chocolate & hazelnut
The ferero rocher bonbon inspired cake!
64% dark chocolate sabayon mousse on top of a delicious hazelnut crispy base and a moist chocolate sponge.
Le fabulous tiramisu!
Coffee sponge for base ,sponge finger soaked in espresso coffee syrup and a creamy mascarpone sabayon mousse finish with a coat of cocoa powder …
The classic opera cake but with caramel,
4 layer of thin almond sponge soaked in coffee and caramel syrup, salted caramel cream and a dark chocolate ganache ,topped with a dark chocolate glaze…
Vanilla Slice
Snickers Addiction
White Chocolate & Strawberry Mousse
Gluten Free
GF Trio Mousse
GF Nocciola Hazelnut Choc Mousse Cake
GF Orange Lime Pistachio
Moist Flourless Orange ,Lime & Pistachio cake.
Made with fresh orange puree with a zest of lime and finish with broken Pistachios.

GF Pistachio & Raspberry Cake
Flourless Pistachio & Raspberry GF
GF Blueberry & Almond Cake
Blueberry & Almond GF Cake
GF Pear & Hazelnut Cake
Flourless Hazelnut & Pear GF
GF Almond Apricot Cake
Flourless Almond & Apricot -GF
GF Chocolate & Orange
Chocolate Ganache Cake
Moist chocolate flourless cake topped with a rosace of dark chocolate ganache .
Chocolate fondant pudding
The best for chocolate lovers!
Half baked creamy %64 dark chocolate fondant
It is rich and flavoursome ,to be serve warm accompany with cream or ice cream
GF Blueberry Flourless Baby
GF Pistachio & Raspberry Baby
Vegan Banana Cake Baby
GF Chocolate Ganache Baby
Our Homemade Muffins!
In a choice of :
Raspberry & cream
Blueberry & cream
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